SHARIF FITNESS Sneak Peek 2020

It was back biceps and shoulders today for my client. Love her form. Love her spirit, love her energy! So happy you are on this journey with me! Even more happier you are choosing strength! Keep up the good work! 

Resistance Training Circuit, focusing on Fat Shredding and Muscle Toning!

Join our SHARIF FITNESS Team. Get the Results you are looking for! my decline leg press days, oh how I miss that machine! Strength is everything!   Mind, body and spirit. A strong body also creates a strong mind and spirit. Stop idolizing fake athletes! Real muscle, real development, real cuts happen under the tension of real weights, real exercise and hard, hard work. The fitness industry is very frustrating. Not enough knowledge, science and kinesiology. A lot of bodies that are not real....(click on video to continue reading)

Amazing run! Running outside is a daunting activity for everyone. Myself included. My goal as a health and fitness practitioner involves evolving my clients physicality. Adding a different type of cardio to my Kickboxing Class! As well conquering a long time fear and weakness for many of us! Ironically, as much as we despise, fear or are horrible at running, running is a very normal human movement. We need to move again. As nature intended. Let’s go Ladies!

Slight VARIATIONS on your exercises have a HUGE impact on muscular development and PROGRESSION.
Angles, grip, range of motion, tempo, rest times and more VARIATIONS will help you break that progression barrier and move you closer to your goals!
Here we are implementing intermediate-advanced Powerlifting/STRENGTH techniques to boost his 1Rep Max! - AMAZING HEAVY DAY.
If you feel stuck in your workouts and feel like you have hit a wall, then NOW you know what to do.  

Speedy version of my absolutely insane leg day workout! 

They call me the Leg Girl because I KNOW how to build, cut and lean out legs. No amount of bands, stair climbers or celebrity videos are going to get you there. What you need is gold old fashioned weight training designed SPECIFICALLY for your body type. 

Hypertrophy, progressive overload, time under tension, these are the things that are going to give your legs the look you want to achieve...(click on video to continue reading)  

One of our clients performing one of the Main Compound Movements for Upper Body Development. 

The traditional Bench Press  

Aim for a perfect 90 degree angle!  

Let’s get that chest ready for the summer!  

5 years ago I decided to take some positive actions. I set some long term milestone goals. The time frame I would give myself with help from my trainer Joel, was 5 years. My health & fitness journey was riddled with challenges. 

My biomechanics & posture needed repair, and took years to correct. It was difficult to break away from socially constructed, popular notions of health & fitness. I was impatient. I wanted instant results. I was not seeing the....(click on video to continue reading) 

Contestant no. #3 This is one of the newest member of team Sharif Fitness!! Meet Chris! This was his first day deadlifting a plate 45lbs. Total 135lbs. Great job Chris! First day deadlifting a plate and I couldn't be more proud of this young mans form. 

Contestant no. #5 Tashfina. 10 months ago I told Tashfina she would be deadlifting her bodyweight. I can remember the look she gave me. The same look I gave my trainer when I was first introduced to weight lifting; an expression of disbelief.... Today she did her personal best lifting 145lbs today!!! Congratulations Tash! Modern society is disastrous to the biomechanics of the body. Deadlifts are a great way to strengthen the lower back and help improve posture. 

Kickboxing Speed Bag warm up at Sharif Fitness! 

Build strength, build muscle. Burn fat. Build legs. Build glutes. Build Abs. Burn calories. Oh how I love the squat! This lovely lady’s first attempt at squatting 115lbs. Perfecting her form! Mastering the art of squatting. A lot more work to be done. 

Practice makes perfect. 

Amazing job! I love empowering women with strength and physique! 

And its on! Deadlift competition at Studio Fitness Distinction! Sharif Fitness team is going to have some friendly competition!! In life you want to surround yourself with people who challenge you in way that helps you grow; emotionally, intellectually, physically, mentally and spiritually. I love my job because I love what I do for people. I love to watch the progression of bodies and the building of self love and confidence. I love introducing people... (click on video to continue reading) 

Sweating it out in the studio with one of my top ladies. I am so proud of this young lady and her transformation. At Studio Fitness Distinction the focus is on strength, power, endurance and functionality. NOT BEING SKINNY. THERE ARE NO EASY QUICK FIXES. YOU CANNOT TRANSFORM YOUR BODY IN 21 DAYS. ANYONE WHO TELLS YOU THAT IS MORE CONCERNED WITH MAKING MONEY THAN GETTING YOU FIT AND HELPING YOU LIVE A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE. 

NECK MOVEMENT. Strengthening neck muscles. Enhancing posture. Increasing range of motion. The best of all; body symmetry. 

220lbs Deadlift - “THE SAVAGE BERRY”. Working on Compound Strength. 

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