Personal Training Services

Personal Training with Shazia or Joel will be the BEST TRAINING experience you will ever have!

Are you wanting to LOSE WEIGHT? Do you want to improve your health in areas of strength, endurance, toning or power?

Searching for ways to spice up your current workout routine, but just don't know where to start?


SHARIF FITNESS is the one and only Fitness service that GUARANTEES 100% proven results!

Be Healthy! No Excuses!

We want to make Fitness a part of your life in a way that works for you!

One-On-One Training


Most Popular Service. Fastest Results! Individualized Attention! Shaz's & Joel's training style is in a league of its own. Fun, Knowledgeable and Motivational, providing a Personal Training experience like no other!

Partner Training


Get Fit Together! Train with a friend, spouse or a family member. Motivate and push each other through each session!

Designed for 2 individuals.

Group Training


Get Fit as a TEAM! Sometimes we need a support group! Whether they are work friends or college friends, train as a unit and reach everyone's Fitness Goals!

Designed for 3-5 individuals. 

How it works

Initial Personal Training Consultation

The first step is to book your FREE Initial Consultation. It will give you a full overview of Personal Training Packages offered at Sharif Fitness. 

Program Packages, Rates Per Session and Fitness Goals will be discussed. 

In this In-Depth Initial Consultation, we will also be conducting a Body Composition analysis, Medical Conditions/Limitations Screening and a LifeStyle Analysis Checklist.

We will find the Fitness Package that suits you BEST!

Biomechanical Evaluation

Once a Fitness Package is chosen, the next step is to conduct a Biomechanical Evaluation prior to any training. 

Biomechanical Evaluations dictate your Fitness Level and are used to create your Personalized Program.

Biomechanical Evaluation Tests:

  • Body Composition (Body Weight, Body Fat, Muscle Percentage, Water Levels and Bone Density)
  • Biomechanical Analysis
  • ROM (range of motion) Testing
  • Performance Test (Endurance, Strength,  Power, Isometric)
  • MMC  Test (Neurological Muscle Connection)
  • Injury / Pain Analysis

Personal Training Sessions

Now you are ready to start your Fitness Journey! - Using the customized Periodized Program Plan we create, your selected trainer will guide you through every session motivating you, supporting you, being accountable for you and more all in order to reach your Fitness Goals!

By the end of your Journey, you will be part of our SUCCESS team!

book pt consultation today!



Weight Loss (Body Fat Reduction)


Healthy and Long-Lasting!

Muscle Mass / Muscle Toning


Build Muscle Mass or Get Lean Muscle Tissue with our advanced techniques used with Professional Athletes!

Pregnancy Training


Mother's bodies go through a great deal of change before and after Pregnancy. SHARIF FITNESS prides itself on it's Pre & Post Pregnancy Conditioning and Weight Loss Systems which focuses on sculpting the belly back to it's pre-baby size and tightness!

Sports Specific Training


Hockey, Soccer, Basketball, Baseball & Football. 

Led by Coach Joel; former NFL Miami Dolphins Strength & Conditioning Coach.

Injury Training


Treat/Recover from any injury you have today! The advanced techniques applied will work within the deepest layers of muscle fibers, ensuring optimal results and a maximal reduce in overall pain. 

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