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Not from Canada?

Not a problem! SHARIF FITNESS offers All-Inclusive Customized Online Programs! They are specifically designed according to your Fitness Goals and Medical Conditions/Limitations. Enhance your physique from anywhere in the world!

Need a boost?

If you already workout on your own but still don't see the results you are looking for, our Customized Programs will work with your routine/goals and preferences to tweak it in a way that will break the plateau your body is going through. Bring your game up to the next level!

No Time?

Our Customized Programs varies according to your specific needs. We offer detailed quick 15-min workouts up to 90-min workouts. Get your workout in your busy schedule today!



Customized Injury (Rehab) Programs

Were you injured in the past and never really addressed it? Our Online Rehab Programs offers individuals the opportunity to discuss concerns about current or past injuries or pain. We conduct a Biomechanical Analysis that will result in a specific program to treat the particular injury and improve aspects like: Lower back pain/stiffness, Shoulder tightness, Hip issues, Knee issues, Fibromyalgia, Sciatica, Arthritis and more!

How do Online Programs work?


Initial Video Consultation

Customized Periodized Program

Initial Video Consultation

Alike the Personal Training Sessions, Shaz and Joel will listen, educate, support and guide you through your Fitness Journey.

After you select a Customized Online Program below; the Initial Online Consultation will take place. Fitness Goals, Medical Conditions/Limitations and Program planning will be discussed in further detail.


Biomechanical Evaluation

Customized Periodized Program

Initial Video Consultation

Upon completion of the Initial Consultation, a Biomechanical Evaluation must be performed prior to any training. This will  dictate your Fitness Level and is used to create your Customized Program.

Biomechanical Evaluation Tests:

  • Body Composition (Body Weight, Body Fat, Muscle Percentage, Water Levels and Bone Density)
  • Biomechanical Analysis
  • ROM (range of motion) Testing
  • Performance Test (Endurance, Strength,  Power, Isometric)
  • MMC  Test (Neurological Muscle Connection)
  • Injury / Pain Analysis


Customized Periodized Program

Customized Periodized Program

Customized Periodized Program

You are now ready to start your training! You will receive a 8-week Periodized Program Plan customized to your goals and needs. Direct Support will be absolute! Your Coach will guide you through every workout week motivating you, supporting you, being accountable for you and more all with the aim of getting you to your fitness Goals!

By the end of your Journey, you will be pat of our SUCCESS team!


Custom Program - General Fitness

C$ 49.99
Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Program based on specific needs and Logistical Factors: Goals | Fitness Level | Injuries | Gender | Time/Availability to train | Field/Cardio space | Weight Room set up/equipment | Training group atmosphere (individual, partner, etc). 8-week program.


General Program - Fitness

C$ 25.00
Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Overall Fitness incorporated. 6-week programs; three 2-week microcycles. Fat Loss | Pain Management | Toning & Shaping | H.I.I.T. | Mass Gain | Advanced Programs, methods and variations.



Weight Loss (Body Fat Reduction)

Healthy and Long-Lasting!


Muscle Mass / Muscle Toning

Build Muscle Mass or Get Lean Muscle Tissue with our advanced techniques used with Professional Athletes!


Pregnancy Training

Mother's bodies go through a great deal of change before and after Pregnancy. SHARIF FITNESS prides itself on it's Pre & Post Pregnancy Conditioning and Weight Loss Systems which focuses on sculpting the belly back to it's pre-baby size and tightness!


Fitness for Seniors

 Mobility | Injury | Posture

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