Nutritional program plans

Allow Shaz to take care of your MICROS and MACROS!

In order to get progressive results on the gym floor, our nutrition has to be on point! Life is busy enough without having to worry about what to eat all day. 

Guidance and Support

SHARIF FITNESS provides nutritional guidance and support through Weekly Meal Plans customized towards your Fitness Goals. Our Meal Plans will give your workouts and energy levels a boost!

A well balanced Customized Meal Plan will help you get rid of the stubborn BELLY FAT while adding Lean Muscle Tissue to achieve the physique you have been waiting for!

Don't eat LESS, Eat RIGHT!

Enjoy Sharif Fitness Menu!

Our Team of experts led by a Registered Dietitian (M.S.c. in Sports Nutrition), will prepare your Customized Meal Plans. Meal Plans will be created according to the individual's Fitness Goals and food choice preferences. Nowadays, there are many foods and restrictions out there! We specialize in all of them including Desi Food!

Break out of your PLATEAU!

Are you satisfied with your current exercise program but not seeing results? Are you feeling stuck? Then it's time for the EXTRA PUSH in the Nutrition department. Nutrition plays a heavy role when working towards reaching your Fitness Goals! You may be in need for the right Meals in order to get there efficiently.

Overall Health

Good Nutrition will prevent 95% of all diseases. Nutrition is far more responsible for creating the shape and health that you could have ever imagined!

Sharif Fitness's Menu

Customized Meal Plan

C$ 59.99
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• Gluten Free, Vegan, Dairy Free, Diabetic and Desi Meal Plans AVAILABLE.

• Customized Meal Plans are prepared per week, consisting of 7 detailed Days.

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